About US


Established in 2015, G&S Petrochemicals has enormous expertise in Oil, Greases, Petroleum, Fuel Oils and has evolved into India’s leading manufacturer of high quality industrial oils. Our innovative range undergoes extensive quality testing selection and our continuous research & development team make possibilities to allow the best-engineered solution to meet the most demanding application. All our products are manufactured using quality materials by skilled and experienced engineers, which ensure reliability and longevity of use. Our lubricants are manufactured from high quality base oil and additive.

Our highly motivated and experienced team plays an important role in working closely with our customers, understanding their needs and designing lubricants to satisfy all their requirements. Our manufacturing plant is based in Ludhiana Punjab and we cater for your requirements anywhere in India including Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Gujarat (West India), Kerala (South India), Jammu & Kashmir (North India) and Assam (East India). We are also exporting our products to Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.